Diabolic - Soundtrack For My Nightmares

Quick Review:
Dark, twisted, soul-searching Dark Ambient fused with Drone and Noise, truly music to accompany you to another world. The whole album is tinted with ideas of Space travel, sailing past planets slowly, almost expectantly waiting for a blast on the ship. Or maybe you’re below dark water, waiting to find a lost, hidden danger. You decide. The best way I can sum this release up is that it’s designed for people who aren’t afraid to explore minds and places unknown. The irony that is the reality of fiction within your mind is ever-present here, but do remember – it’s only being human that confines you to your activities in day-to-day activity. In your mind, such things no longer restrict you. Welcome to the dark side. (Loki from www.hyperblastmetal.com)

In Depth Analysis:
In my journey to find more music from my beloved Eastern Europe, I stumbled across an Ambient band named Karna. As I was quite the fan of Ambient anyway, I decided to check these guys out with no real expectations of what they would sound like. As it happens, I struck gold (not for the first time!) and found one of the most intriguing trips through the mind I had ever taken.
To begin with, I shall attempt to explain just what kind of music Karna play, because naming it Ambient would be far too vague, especially in today’s world. To be more accurate, Karna are DARK Ambient with hints of Drone and Noise. Basically, it’s music for those who can appreciate the atmosphere of thoughts and the beauty of silence.
Now we enter the interesting part, however. For as this is an Ambient release of sorts, I cannot simply talk you through the qualities or the hideous array of things, being as it would take forever on this release as everyone identifies different qualities within Ambient, not to mention there is little I can compare it too. So, I will do my utmost to explain to you just where Karna takes me personally. The soundscapes of this Russian act are nothing short of mind ravaging – one moment you are floating through Space in slow motion with nothing but stars for comfort, and the next moment you are plunging through darkness to wake up with only your heartbeat as a soundtrack for your dream. Yet at other times, it feels like a majestic, slow crawl on a submarine, far underwater, where even the light cannot reach and you are searching… searching for something that you cannot find but ever wary of danger lurking around each boulder. The most thought-provoking part of this release for me is the third track, entitled “Dead Falls Asleep.” I mean, take a moment to consider this title – the potential narcosis of the living end. Death falling into slumber, like a volcano lying dormant. The idea itself is beautiful in the most morbid way – nobody can die whilst he rests, immortals if only for a short space of time, something that mortals crave and find as many ways as possible to live that dream. Karna presents that power to you for a brief time, and it is a trance that could seduce the most stony-minded of individuals. This is one of the reasons I love Ambient immensely – the imagery simply cannot be reincarnated in this manner in any other genre. Safe to say that it is far better to listen to this release when alone!
Anyway, I could tell you where it takes me all day, or how dreamy this release actually is, but it won’t get you too far. Ambient is Ambient, often with a fair amount of common fundamentals, so it’s fair to say that if you like your Dark Ambient, I’d be surprised if you didn’t enjoy this. There is only one kind of Ambient I do not like in my experience so far, and that’s Burzum’s Ambient. Yet I do listen to a great number of Cold Meat Industry groups, so I’m not exactly inexperienced on the matter. So, yeah, if you like your Dark Ambient/Drone/Noise, then you’ll enjoy this, putting it simply. Personally, I love it, and am frankly surprised that Cold Meat Industry never signed this band. Best way I could try to sum up the atmosphere these guys create – combine Dreams of Dying Stars with Amaka Hahina, and remove the vocals, and you’re part-way there, maybe throw in some touches of Negru Voda also. Enjoy. (Loki)

Overall Rating: 10